These !@#$% server people

Okay. So the site is down again. Last night it was down and I wrote the people and they wrote me back and so astutely pointed out that my main page doesn't have an index.html page and if I were so smart to put one on there, then it would work. Oy. I need a new company and I might have time this week. So, I'm looking into it.

Um, unless it's just down for me *thinks*

I currently have pneumonia. Yep, so that is why I've been so MIA. I'm also short on patience with these people. So. I'll get it working. But I'm going to see how much better I feel so I can work on changing servers. I'm out of work till next week.

ETA: Okay, apparently they blocked my IP. Sorry to add the angry kitten to your friends page *chews lip in embarrassment*


I think the site is down in general. So I just wrote the hosting company and hopefully it will be up shortly, sorry about this.

ETA: well that was faster than I even anticipated. Apparently it's back up now. Carry on *ahem*