GirlyB's Icons have been FOUND!

Guess who just found her icons???!??!?! MEEEE!

I know it's been two years. But I also know that a lot of peeps wanted my icons. And, hey, you never know...I may come back and make more some day. But right now I'm just doing what I can to survive. If you want to know what I've been up to in the last two or three can see here:

I design digital scrapbook kits and business is good.  I also design websites for folks, so I'm super busy.  Also have to take care of my man, our house and our four furballs so not much time for icons but they continue to be an inspiration to me and I hope that you enjoy them still ;)

This time, I'll make sure they stay!



Can someone please tell me when the icons disappeared?

Hi, everyone!

I know I'm not active anymore but I do want my icons to be available for everyone for as long as possible. And will make sure they are.

What I want to know is when the icons went offline. Does anyone have a date?

Sometimes entire folders disappear from my site and I didn't delete them. However. I was cleaning up my site last month and I'm wondering if I did it then.

If I can't get them back through the host, I have them on an old hard-drive and will be able to upload again. But I have to find time to do it. I will make it a priority, though.

I'm sorry about this!

ETA: Heard from my host. There is no backup. So I am going to assume I was an idiot and deleted it. I will have to reupload. Will keep you all informed to progress. Will have my boyfriend hook up the old hard-drive so I can put it all onto my new one.

*sniffles* this is going to take forever.

A Quick Annoucement!

Hi guys, I'm here. And I AM coming back to do my icon journal. I'm really sorry I just disappeared off the face of the earth for so long. I am planning to start back up soon. Things happened in real life and I just had to go. For personal reasons. And I didn't just stop lj, I stopped everything online. But I did get laid off (I hated my job so this is a good thing because it was a major factor for my having to leave cyberspace for so long) my last week was supposed to be this week but they asked me to stay another two.

I actually lost all my old artwork. I might be able to get it sometime in the future. It's on my old computer which is not working. So that really caused some issues, too. I may just have to start all the colorbar stuff over, but that's fine.

So I will be back and I'll be doing more. I miss this place tremendously.

Thanks, Aimee

It's back!

Okay. That was a great big false alarm. My server people didn't tell me that they renewed it for me and when I wrote them they didn't know what was going on and it scared me. But we've fixed it and I saw that it's working again! Whew. Sorry to jump the gun like that. I've had two domains taken (one was stolen while in use, it was crazy) and I sort of thought it had happened again.

So, I will have some pretties to post soon, to celebrate. Thanks you guys!
killkillkill, [emotions] I hate technology

OH NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Uh oh. My domain registry ran out on 8/22 and I was super busy this weekend and was not online much. So I just realized it today. But then I saw that it was purchased on 8/26. I think that someone bought my domain in the two days it was down. So. Um, let me figure out what the hell I'm gonna do.

I may have to either A. Purchase it back for a ridiculous amount or B. Buy a new domain, reupload my thousands of graphics and change the extensions on them.

Not sure what to do. But it will be a little while before I can get them all back up (thank GOD I have a three day weekend but I am also getting a new computer this week so that will also throw a monkey wrench in things).

This might be a good thing. This way I can go to a good Host that doesnt go down all the time and just upload to my hearts content.

I am really sorry that this is going on. Been really out of it since I got sick and behind on EVERYTHING *sniffles*

No, I am not on hiatus, I swear!

Erm. Sorry for the MIA. I will get back to my graphics asap, I swear. First, I had pneumonia for a month and when it was winding down....I purchased Sims 2 out of boredom (and maybe the ability to make my footballers :X). And, um, I also started reading the Twilight series and I just finished New Moon. So I've been really preoccupied :X

BUT! I will be getting back to my iconing this week. I am not even on a hiatus even though it sort of looks like it, huh? But I know some of you have probably wondered where I went, but I'm still here, just obsessing over SIMS2, Football (soccer), Twilight Series and in that order 8B

That goes for all the other comms I have or make for :X

So, to get me back in the swing, will you maybe just make some suggestions, here, about what you want me to make first, I'll do a few this week :B

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